Sony camera of which market was suddenly banned.

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In 1998, Sony had to remove 6 lakh cameras of a special model from the market. The camera had a special feature.Sony did great marketing with its new Camcoder X-Ray, Night Vision, Infrared technology because this camera is capable of taking pictures even in the dark. Great product for buyers, isn’t it?

But everything did not go as planned. In the light of day, a feature of the nightshot picture was discovered which is not very acceptable. People were seen taking pictures of women dressed in this mode and after taking pictures they were seen almost naked. According to an ABC News reporter, there are at least 12 websites where pictures of almost naked women can be found while they are all dressed. It’s horrible – I think it will annoy anyone. When you go out don’t expect people to see what’s under your clothes.
This is a violation of a fundamental right and the courts of any country in the world will give such a verdict. The aforementioned ‘X-ray’ vision comes through a special kind of lens that penetrates the fabric in a particular case and is partially seen by its infrared technology (usually the fabric looks semi-transparent in the case of dark colored fabrics).

If a lot of light is thrown on any thin blouse or dress, one can see the shape of what is under it; The same scene can be seen by this Sony camcorder.

To handle the situation, TechGiant Sony was forced to announce the withdrawal of all products sold in the market. Unfortunately, people tried different ways to get these camcorders, some of which sold for up to 600.

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