Sajek Valley in Bangladesh


Rows of mountains all around and occasional white cotton-like clouds. It is as if you are standing on the shores of a lake of white clouds in a green kingdom. Surely you are wondering if such a beautiful scene like a dream can be seen in reality at all? And even if you can see, you may have to go to a faraway unknown country. But the surprising thing is that there is such a Meghpuri in our beloved motherland Bangladesh whose name is Sajek Valley.

Sajek is located in the Rangamati district of southeastern Bangladesh. Mizoram in India is only eight kilometers away from Sajak. The high mountains around Sajek have fallen in both India and Bangladesh. However, if you want to go to Sajek from Dhaka, you have to go to Khagrachhari town, 271 km away from Dhaka.

How to go to Khagrachhari?

If Sajek is located in Rangamati Hill District, it is most convenient to go there from Khagrachhari town. So if you want to go to Sajek, first you have to go to Khagrachhari town. Shyamali, Hanif, S Alam, Saudia, and Shanti Paribahan buses ply from Dhaka to Khagrachhari. There are transport counters in different parts of Dhaka city including Gabtali and Kalabagan. He left Dhaka by bus and crossed Chittagong Road via Comilla and Feni and reached Khagrachhari town through Miresrai of Chittagong. It takes about 8 hours. Sajek from Khagrachari.

You have to go to Sajeke from Khagrachhari by open jeep. Which is known as the moon car? If you rent for two days, you will have to pay 8000-9000 rupees. There are 12 seats in Chander’s car. From Sajek you have to go to Dighinala first. You can go down to Dighinala and walk for half an hour from Hajachhara Jharna. You can also take a bath with it. Because of the severe lack of water in Saje. However, there is nothing to worry about. The water required for bathing and other activities reaches Sajek by truck every day.

The distance from Khagrachhari to Dighinala


However, you need to be frugal when using water. The distance from Khagrachhari to Dighinala is 23 kilometers. There is a cantonment in Dighinala. Then you have to go the rest of the way to the military escort. The army has taken this step in the interest of security as some unpleasant incidents have taken place in the hills in recent times. The army escort from Dighinala starts from 10 am to 11 am. So before that time, you have to reach Dighinala from Khagrachhari.

Otherwise, once you miss the morning escort, you will have to wait until the afternoon to get back to the escort.


From Dighinala, first go to Bagaihat, then Machalong Hat, and reach Saje directly. It will take about two and a half hours to reach Sajek from Khagrachhari city. One of the attractions of the Sajek Tour is this short journey along winding hilly roads. Just the mountains and the greenery around will make you forget the fatigue of the path.

Eat well?


It is almost one o’clock in the afternoon when you reach Saj, so as soon as you arrive, you have to fix the cottage for the night. There is no shortage of cottages of different prices and quality. If you go for a honeymoon, you can stay in Alison Cottage and if you want to reduce the cost, there is no shortage of good quality affordable cottages. Cottages cost from Rs 200 to Rs 10,000 per person per night. There are two types of hotels in Saje, Adivasi and Bengali. If you wish, you can bring the taste of bamboo chicken from the tribal hotels. However, those who are looking for halal food either have to take chickens from Khagrachhari after slaughtering them halal or they have to slaughter themselves.

Especially on the day of arrival of Saj, it is convenient to order lunch from Khagrachhari. You can order food from any shop known to him through your jeep driver. Another thing is that Saje has no electricity connection, everything runs on solar power. So it is better to take it with a mobile full charge in advance. Sahara in gold if you have a power bank with you.

After reaching Sajak and eating and drinking, you have to take a little rest at the end of the long journey. Besides, it is better to wait for the sun to set without walking around in the midday sun. In the afternoon you can take a jeep around the Sajek Valley. You can enjoy the sunset if you climb a little higher there. With an amazing beauty called Sajek Sandhya. You will see that the cloudless blue sky is getting darker and darker one by one and they are twinkling.

The greatest joy of your Sajak


The greatest joy of your Sajak trip may be the feeling that comes to your heart when you sip a cup of tea in the gentle breeze while watching the evening starry sky. Sajak is a very ideal place for those who love to see them. Jumpers chat will continue with. But do not forget to be careful about mosquitoes in the midst of so much joy. Mosquitoes are a big problem in hilly areas. A little carelessness can lead to malaria. If you want to see the sunrise in the morning, you must go to the helipad. That’s why you have to get up very early in the morning and go to the helipad number one or two. When the golden glow falls on the white clouds at sunrise, a wonderful scene unfolds.

stay more than one night

Usually, no one goes with Sajek’s plan to stay for more than one night. But if you like it better, you can stay as long as you are happy. You will also have to catch an escort on the day of return. The escort started at Sajek at eleven o’clock. It will be noon on the way back to Khagrachhari. However, if you want, you can visit Alutila and other places of interest around the city without wasting much time in the afternoon.

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