Jahangirnagar University’s beauty

today I will talk about Jahangirnagar University which is the largest and attractive University located in Bangladesh. It can be said that Jahangirnagar University is the same age as independent Bangladesh. In 1967, a site was selected for the university in Savar, about 30 km from Dhaka. Next to it are Dairy Farm, Bangladesh Livestock Research Institute, Savar Cantonment and National Memorial. Dr. as the project head of the university. Surat Ali Khan was appointed.
On August 20, 1970, the East Pakistan government issued an ordinance renaming the new university ‘Jahangirnagar Muslim University’. In September 1970, the first Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Dr. joined. Mofizuddin Ahmed. Rear Admiral SM Ahsan, Governor of East Pakistan and Chancellor of the University, officially inaugurated the University on 12 January 1971.
Jahangirnagar University’s ‘Muktamancha’ is Bangladesh, the first in South Asia, which was built during the time of Vice-Chancellor Professor Zillur Rahman Siddiqui. It started in 1970 with the staging of the play Shakuntala by Selim Al Deen. The first puppet drama research center has been opened at Jahangirnagar University for research on the history and tradition of puppet dance in the country. Jahangirnagar University has also set an example in establishing natural reservoirs and guest bird sanctuaries.
The first bird fair and butterfly fair was organized in this university. This university has set an example from such various aspects.
The lakes are adorned with red lotus and blood lotus water lilies. Gray-colored guest birds match the natural beauty many times over. Birds are one of the most important aspects of nature. Birds usually arrive in early November and return in late March. Jahangirnagar University has a total of 18 lakes. The Jahangirnagar University campus is a well-known sanctuary for guest birds in the busy, pollution and noise-free aesthetic environment of the city.

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