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Complete Idea about CPA Marketing Approval.

  1. CPA marketing has changed the way we think about the current advertising payment models.
Dear friends, I have done a post before about CPA marketing. You will benefit if you watch the previous episode to get a complete idea. It would be better to read the previous episode with a little effort.
 Take Amazon’s affiliate marketing.
Amazon will only pay you if any of their products are sold through you. It’s really a difficult thing. It is almost impossible for new internet marketers. There in CPA marketing, you will be paid not for selling a product, but for a specific job. Such as: – Submitting the form to get approval.
You will only be paid if someone fills out a form for you.
Since the person filling the form does not have to pay any money on the site, the number of people filling the form increases. Therefore, it is possible to easily earn several times more through CPA marketing than the current advertising payment models.
There may be a question here how much will you get for each lead or form fill?
I given that example in the previous episode.
Where to get CPA offers:
There are many CPA networks in the world. However, not all CPA networks are trusted. There are many CPA networks that have no good offers. Good offers here say that the offers will not really benefit anyone. Such a CPA network has an offer regarding student loans. But they do not lend to anyone at all. Again, they publish some offers that do not last long. So in the case of CPA network selection, the selection needs to be done with a little calculation.

Currently, 3 of the best CPA networks are mentioned below.


2.CPA Grip

3.CPL Lead

Registration procedure in CPA network:
Almost all CPA networks want to know about your promotion method or plan when signing up on the site. In that case, copy-paste the following text.
I am planning to advertise my links and earning money by creating websites, youtube videos, and also advertising with PPC and PPV (bing ads, Facebook ads, and lead impact). I plan on making a website for each niche I have and also plan on doing some SEO to get it high on Google ranking system. I have been motivated by various people to start earning money on the web and I will dedicate a few hours of my day to achieve this. I hope to be earning your website soon.
How you will promote the offers:
When you get approval on a CPA network site, you will get your dashboard by logging in to that site. Go to the dashboard and select the offer of your choice. You will get your link in that offer. You will promote that link. Suppose you are working on a game of your choice. Then you will choose the gaming offer. Then promote your link in game-related places.
At present, big marketers are up in arms with CPA. They are promoting offers through paid campaigns. Again, there are many successful marketers who are still working on free traffic or visitors. So you too can start with free traffic and free traffic is recommended for newcomers. Free traffic sources include YouTube video marketing, blog tormenting, forum tuning, article marketing, and social media marketing such as Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, etc.
But of course not by spam. We have to move forward with long term planning. But nowadays YouTube video marketing is very popular. Briefly YouTube Video Marketing- Create videos related to your offer, create a channel on YouTube, upload the video there, give a good title, write a description, and link your offer there. Then share your video in different places. But I think the default shares of YouTube are enough.
Another bonus in YouTube video marketing is the revenue from Google Adsense. So together you can earn two. Read a little about YouTube and other free traffic.
Well, wisher:
Dear friends, I haven’t written much today. I hope you have learned a lot and you got a complete idea about CPA Marketing. I hope you can start CPA marketing now. I will come up with more new tips on CPA marketing in the next episode. In the next episode, I will focus on Affiliate Marketing more and more. Stay tuned. Best of luck

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