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Corona virus is increasing on July 2020

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Since the beginning of this month, there has been a sudden and rapid rise in coronavirus infections around the world. In the first eight days of the month, the rate of identification of new patients has exceeded 200,000 in four days. The remaining four days were below 2 lakh. The average of eight days is about 2 lakh. But last month the average was below one and a half lakh. The World Health Organization says the Corona situation around the world is deteriorating day by day. The United States has the share of this additional number in July.

The daily patient identification rate in the country crossed 60,000 for the first time last Wednesday. However, deaths have not increased as much as with infections worldwide. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. An analysis of global data on the corona epidemic shows that between July 1 and 6, about 1.7 million patients were identified worldwide.

About 36,000 died. In other words, on average, about 2 lakh patients have been identified every day and more than 4,600 people have died. But even last June, less than one and a half lakh patients were identified daily, a little more than four and a half thousand died. In that month, a total of more than 43 lakh 26 thousand patients were identified around the world, more than 1 lakh 35 thousand people died. World is publishing a full-time account of the Corona epidemic.

According to the information on this website, the patients were identified all over the world till 12:30 pm Bangladesh time on Thursday The number was 1 crore 23 lakh. Of these, more than 61 lakh patients have recovered. More than 5 lakh 54 thousand people have died. At a briefing of member states in Geneva, Switzerland yesterday, World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Gebreasus said the corona epidemic was out of control in most countries of the world. The situation is getting worse day by day. He said the spread of this global epidemic is happening more rapidly. The number of infected patients has doubled in the past six weeks.

The United States is still the top country in infections and deaths. The first corona patient was identified in the United States last January. The epidemic situation in the country has deteriorated since then and there are no signs of improvement, but the situation is deteriorating day by day. The number of identified patients in the United States is approaching 3.2 million. More than 1 lakh 35 thousand deaths.

More than 61,000 patients were diagnosed in the United States last Wednesday, the country’s highest number of patients diagnosed in a single day. Another 790 patients died in the United States that day. The World Health Organization says the situation is deteriorating day by day. Patients doubled in six weeks. At first, only the state of New York in the United States suffered from coronary heart disease. That New York managed, but now the infection has spread across the United States.

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated in Texas, California, and Florida. Texas authorities have again locked down the situation. In other states as well, various city authorities are once again on the verge of lockdown. Louisiana is at the bottom of the list of states in the United States where corona infections are spreading rapidly. Even then, Governor John Bell Edwards said Wednesday, “The epidemic is spreading across our state. Now the disease is no longer confined to one or two areas. According to CNN, the situation in Florida is so precarious that the capacity of the intensive care units (ICUs) of the hospitals there is declining to zero.

On Wednesday, 42 hospitals here said all their ICU beds were full of patients. It is no longer possible to keep patients in the ICU anew. Meanwhile, the situation in the Latin American country Brazil is as dire as in the United States. More than 1.7 million patients have been identified in the country. More than 6,000 people died in Corona. The situation in Peru, Chile, and other South American countries is getting worse by the day. The situation in neighboring Mexico is not so good. India is the third leading country in South Asia in terms of infections and deaths. There seems to be an outbreak of infection in this country as well. More than 20,000 patients are being identified every day for a few days. Daily deaths are around 500 people. Of these, 610 died on July 4, the highest death toll in a single day in the country in Corona. More than 660,000 patients have been identified in India. More than 21,000 died.


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