Corona vaccine: suggested for children first

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The elderly are most at risk from the deadly covid-19 disease. However, the effectiveness of the vaccine in their body is less. To this end, to ensure their safety, a top UK scientific official has suggested that children and adolescents in the family should be vaccinated against coronavirus first.

Professor Peter Oppenheimer is an adviser to the UK’s New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group, or Nervtag.

According to him, while the risk of coronary heart disease is lower in young people, it is possible to indirectly protect retirees by vaccinating them earlier. The vaccine is easily integrated with the body’s natural immune system. In the case of the elderly, the level of success is much lower.

Therefore, he advised to protect senior citizens by applying the corona vaccine to young children and adolescents just before it came on the market in the UK. News from The Telegraph

Peter Oppenheimer also explained his advice to the Committee on Science and Technology in the House of Lords, the upper house of the British Parliament. There, he said, children had been vaccinated earlier, even though they were not at high risk of contracting the influenza pandemic. So it is a proven method of protecting the elderly. In this way, the children will not be infected and the infection will not be spread through them to the adults.

Research is now underway around the world to discover a vaccine capable of permanently counteracting coronavirus. An Oxford University vaccine could hit the market this spring. The UK government is funding the study. Earlier, a British scientist suggested this.

The featured scientist is a professor at the famous Imperial College London and a researcher in experimental medicine. He said a government consulting firm called NerveTag was already working on a research paper with a detailed plan to bring different types of people under vaccination.

According to the research paper, it is possible to protect another age group by first bringing a different population under vaccination. The scientist expressed support for bringing children as well as healthcare workers in the UK to be vaccinated first, considering the risks.

Many scientists in the United Kingdom have strongly supported Professor Peter Oppenheimer’s view.
Arne Akbar, an expert at the British Society of Immunology, said the vaccine was not very effective in building the body’s immune system, adding that similar results had been found in previous vaccines. So in addition to vaccinations, we need to take other steps to protect the elderly. In that case it is a practical way to get the children vaccinated first.

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