Chinese hackers have carried out more than 4000 cyber attacks within 5 days in India.

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Indian News Anandabazar said that, Not only in the geographical area, but also in the virtual world, the Chinese are trying to attack. In just five days after the aggression in Ladakh, Chinese hackers have tried to attack the country’s cyber infrastructure more than 40,000 times. This was stated by the Cyber ​​Security Cell of Maharashtra. The hackers, backed by the Xi Jinping government, have recently launched cyber attacks in various parts of India. However, cyber crime experts in Maharashtra say that their activities are mainly in the areas of infrastructure, banking and information technology. Along with the Chinese hackers known as ‘Cyber ​​Crime Actors’, Pakistani hackers are also trying to invade the country’s security system. Vaishnavi Yadav, IG, Maharashtra Police Cyber ​​Security Cell, said that in the last four or five days, the activities of Chinese hackers have suddenly increased in various parts of the country’s cyber world. In his words, “Most of the attacks have been targeted at infrastructure, banking and information technology. In those few days, at least 40,300 cyber attacks have taken place. And most of the attacks are from Chengdu, the capital of China’s Sichuan province. ” What kind of cyber attack is going on? Vaishnavi Yadav said, “These cyber attacks can be divided into three parts. Refusal to provide services, IP hijacking and phishing. The cyber infrastructure of the Indian government is being targeted at the moment. ” Anti-virus experts have warned about this, just like the officials of the Maharashtra Cyber ​​Cell. Himanshu Dubey, director of Quick Hill Security Lab, said, “In the last few days, we have seen cyber attacks on important infrastructure in the country. Malware attempts to communicate between China’s Command and Control (CNC) servers Himanshu advised the general public to be more aware of cyber security. In his words, “I will tell everyone to be more aware of cyber security protocols. I would also advise you to be proactive in protecting your online database. Use a fairly strong firewall. On the other hand, my advice to businesses is to get their security verified by cyber experts.

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