38th bcs result

38th BCS result


In the bloodcurdling situation for corona the final results of the 38th BCS were published on June 30. About four lakh candidates took part in the preliminary; At the end of written and oral examination, only 2,204 BCS cadre officers were selected. For good reason, a large number of candidates have dropped out of the competition. And those who snatched the crown of victory, smiles on their faces now.after publishing the final result the select candidates have been posting at facebook and other also.they are Being very popular and famous and their follower and friends are increasing in a compound rate for their success. There are 26 cadres category in BCS .Out of the candidates for the 38th BCS examination, 306 are in BCS (Administration) cadre, 100 in BCS (Police) cadre, 25 in BCS (Foreign) cadre, 35 in BCS (Tax) cadre, 45 in BCS (Audit and Accounts) cadre, BCS ( Ansar (cadre) 38, BCS (Agriculture) cadre 241, BCS (Fisheries) cadre 85, BCS (Forest) cadre 22, BCS (Public Works) cadre 98, 768 cadres in BCS (General Education and Technical College) . 20 in BCS (Fisheries) cadre, 291 in BCS (Health) cadre, BCS (Livestock)85 including various a total of 2204 candidates have been recommended.

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